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Simple Comfort Fitted Huts and Cabins

Our Simple Comfort fitted Huts and Cabins are all made with the same high quality craftmanship as our Standard and Luxury range, and have the same fundamental qualities such as the steel chassis, framework structure and high levels of insulation etc.  Structurally the only difference is that the windows and doors are softwood, double glazed and sealed with an Osmo treatment for durability, but these can be upgraded to hardwood if preferred.  The primary difference is in the materials and finish of the fixtures and fittings.  These are sourced from more modest and cost effective materials and fitting options, but still chosen with durability and ease of maintenance as a key factor.

The beauty of our Simple Comfort range is the ability to dress it up with freestanding furniture and have the flexibility to change the internal look as required, or just simply to have a more natural traditional look.