Ashwood Shepherd Huts Gallery

A lovely hut for private use nestled in the Blackdown Hills

A hut being put into location in the Blackdown Hills

Seating area in our 2020 luxury show hut

Seating area in a Simple Comfort Hut for couples

Our 2020 show hut arriving at the Glamping Show

26ft x 9ft Luxury Cabin

Sun setting over Shepherds Cabin

King size bed in Luxury 22ft x 9ft Shepherds Cabin

King size bed in Luxury 22ft x 9ft Shepherds Cabin

King size bed in Simple Comfort 22ft x 9ft Cabin

Simple Comfort built in king size bed

Underfloor heating controller

Underfloor heating controller

Taps and sinks

Reclaimed and refurbed taps

Bathing area

William Holland bath with reclaimed refurbed taps

Towing a hut

The last few yards

Storage inside hut

Storage solutions

Towel rail

Warm and cosy towels

Wood burner

Warm and toasty with one of our woodburners

Oven and sink units

Bespoke hand built kitchens

Close up of bunk beds

Beds and bunks

Cooking area

Simple Comfort style kitchen

Sleeping area

Simple Comfort style hand built bed

Wash room

Shower room wash hand basin

Interior image

Simple Comfort - The natural look

End view of cabin

Boiler back box to save internal space and easy maintenance.


26ft x 9ft cabin at the Glamping Show 2016.

Interior shot of cabin

26ft x 9ft Luxury Cabin with kitchen area for families

Delivery of hut

26ft x 9ft shepherd hut for living accommodation heading off to its new home

Huts waiting for collection

Queuing up waiting to go to their new homes

Workshop image

Shepherd hut chassis waiting for the next process

Shepherd hut in garden

14ft x 8ft shepherd hut in tin

Toilet area

A Victorian style toilet system

Sleeping area

King size bed with 2 single bunks above

Hut in a back garden

16ft x 8ft garden room

Delivering a hut

Off to the South of France!!

Showing our huts

A lovely day at the Backdown Hills Woodland Fair.

Enjoying a hut in the open country side

Fun for everyone

Looking across a field at hut

Sitting quietly in the hills.

View from hut

Room with a view

Garden hut

12ft x 7ft garden hut with shingled roof

Garden hut

14ft X 8ft Garden Hut.

Delivering a hut

16ft x 8ft hut just arrived in Surrey

Just sitting on the steps

Looks like we found ourselves a real shepherd!!

Hut in field on a sunny day

16ft x 8ft hut enjoying the evening sun

Kitchen worktop

A 20ft x 8ft Ashwood Shepherd Hut can feel so spacious.

Delivering new huts

New luxury holiday huts on their way to Black Dog, Tiverton

Wood work

Wood work by skilled craftsmen

Sleeping area

A 20ft x 8ft luxury shepherd hut, all ready for the next guests

Bunk bed

Bunk beds

Children playing outside hut

One of our favourites - a little 12ft x 7ft shepherd hut

Wood burner

Warm and toasty

Kitchen units

Small, yet practical and functional

Hut in a garden

Happy customers enjoying the arrival of their new hut.

Wood burner

Wood burner getting fastened up ready for the delivery


A Japanese tub

Partition wall

A bedroom partition with open top to create the feeling of space

Two finished and reay to leave

Two more ready to go

Kitchen area

Each one unique

Shower room

Shower room with a wood effect tile

Interior eating area

A pull out table with fold away chairs that fold flat within the table

Interior of hut

View from just inside the double doors of a 26ft x 9ft Shepherd Cabin

TV screen

Feature wall with flat screen TV and pull out table

Sink area

Polished concrete wash hand basin

Shower area

A 900mm x 900mm shower with white metro tiles


Another beautifully handcrafted kitchen

Cabin being delivered

A 26ft x 9ft Shepherd Cabin is delivered to a stunning farm location in Cornwall

Cabin leaving

Another Ashwood Shepherds Cabin on its way

Sink cover

Little butler sink set in an Oak worktop with drainer and cut out board for extra space


Hand crafted Oak shelves in the kitchen

Sink and worktop

Little butler sink set in an Oak worktop with drainer

Two cabins completed

2 Shepherds Cabins all ready to go to their new home in Kent

Cabin leaving for delivery

A 26ft x 9ft Shepherds Cabin leaving our yard

Sink, worktop and drainer

Little butler sink set in an Oak worktop with drainer

Bathing area

A stunning William Holland bath

Sleeping area

King size bed with access form both sides


Kitchen area hand built in Sapele

Hut in open country side

First to set up at the show!

Seating area

Hand built and upholstered seating area

Shower head

Reclaimed shower head

Sink units

Hand built drawers

Side view of hut

26ft x 9ft Shepherd Cabin

Entrance and decking

End glazed doors on 26ft x 9ft Cabin

Mirror and soaps

Wet room