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Over recent years farmers and landowners have been installing Ashwood Shepherd Huts as part of their diversification plans to offer holiday accommodation.  We will work closely with each customer from the beginning to guide and offer advise using our experience and knowledge.  We can help with planning applications if planning is required, using a highly reputable planning service if more specialist intervention is needed.  We then go on to design a hut or cabin that is suitable and compliments each farms unique setting.

Our first discussion will be around your available services.  We have built many huts completely off grid and partially off grid which have been very successful. We tailor each hut to the services that are available and then move to the orientation and layout of the hut and how it will be sited on the land.  We then finish with personal choices for the exterior, whether it be tin or wood and the internal fixtures, colours and finishes.  The whole process is undertaken with the knowledge that this is a business diversification project and one that is bespoke to each enquiry.

20ft x 8ft Farm

Commercial Accommodation

We have built huts and cabins for the hospitality industry.  From small Bed and Breakfast's wanting extra rooms, pubs and restaurants that want to add accommodation to their premises right through to large corporate hotels, and holiday parks.  Every hut and cabin we build is completely bespoke, so we will work with you to bring you designs that compliment each site and its current accommodation and style perfectly.

We have also learned through experience what works in a commercial setting to allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance and can incorporate products and designs to suit.  With strong relationships with our suppliers we are also able to offer excellent after sales care customer service and recognise the importance of timely replacements if breakages occur.

Pub Accommodation
Animal Conservation Park
26ft x 9ft Estate Visitor Accommodation
26ft x 9ft Cabin for holiday park

Other Business Uses

We don't just build huts and cabins for accommodation use.  We have built them for many other uses such as:

treatment rooms - counselling rooms - shower blocks - tea rooms - dog kennel - recording studio - offices - schools - and many more.

The beauty of a shepherd hut or cabin is that you can tailor them to your proposed use and incorporate design features to fit your specific use and of course if your business moves so can your hut or cabin too, with minimum disruption to your business.  As soon as you have relocated, you just plug in a go again.


18ft x 8ft Tea room
Wedding venue Toilet Block
Home office
26ft x 9ft cabin for a school