The Luxury Ashwood Hut

The Luxury Ashwood Hut

The Luxury Ashwood Hut

The Luxury Shepherd Hut

Size 16-20ft x 8ft / 4.88m – 6.10m x 2.55m

The Luxury Shepherd Hut is constructed from the same high standard materials as our original hut, but the purpose of the Luxury Shepherd Hut is to include all those comforts we love to indulge ourselves with such as; warmth, hot showers, a sumptuous bed and exquisite fixtures and fittings. All these are included in our design which is tailored around the location, budget and our clients own personal taste. The choices of materials and designs used to achieve this high standard of hut are huge, so please get in touch for us to help you to design your luxury hut your way!!

Example Floor Plan

Please note you can configure your hut however you like. You’re hut, you’re way…

Extra Upgrades – Internal Fittings


• Doors & Windows • Partition Walls • Internal Finish • Woodburners • Kitchen Upgrade • Bijou Bathrooms • Beds • Shelving & Cupboards • Flooring • Water heaters