Luxurious wood-fired hot tubs

Luxurious wood-fired hot tubs

Handcrafted from premium wood with stainless steel. Our Eco-Tubs are crafted from Spruce, Larch and Thermowood to a size that suits you. Our premier hot tubs are made the best Thermowood. Thermowood is famed for its extraordinary durability and resistance to decay.

It is the first choice of wood in areas with severe winters and hot summers. Frankly, a hot tub made from Thermowood will serve you for many years and will remain beautiful and troublefree.

 Thermowood has a very low coefficient of expansion. So, unlike soft wood that has not been treated, it does not shrink, swell or warp excessively, even when subjected to changing degrees of temperature and moisture. It will last 20 years + without the need for additional wood protectant.

 Thermowood has prime insulating qualities, which makes our hot tubs very economical to heat, and of course it is very beautiful to look at. So if you are looking for the best material possible, Thermowood is the answer. 


• All of our hand-made tubs can be crafted to a size that suits you.

• Our prices are generally half the price of an equivelent electric hot tub, not to mention the running cost.

• All of our Eco-Tubs can now be supplied with our own Duel Fuel System bolt-on. This allows fast water heating with the wood burning heater and then the convenience of water filtration, bubbles and electric thermostatic heater to keep your Eco-Tub at the desired temperature via a touch screen control unit.

• One integrated system thats provides all these benefits for only 50 pence a day running costs. This really is the best of both worlds. Contact us for more details.

• Our ethos at Naked Flame Eco-Tubs is to only use fully sustainable wood for all of our tubs & the best craftsmen.